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Thank you for selecting 420SOFT. You are going to get your master login withing 24 hours. There is NO COST, NO PAYMENT INFORMATION, NO CONTRACT TO SIGN, NO AGREEMENTS and NO OBLIGATION WHATSOEVER to try it out.

IF you decide to continue with 420SOFT you simply mail a check in the amount of $250.00 per month for as long as you decide to use the system. Cancel anytime. You own your data, simply pull any reports and we  delete the account and history.

But we know you will truly benefit from this Software as a Service model, and look forward to being of assistance.
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The next step. Please call or text Chris at 213-435-7794 to let us know you've sent the information requested to the left.

Then we can expidite having your account login information sent to you, and schedule some basic training.

Meanwhile you can view the
QuickStart guide and watch the instructional videos. 

Phone support, text response, and virtual visits (via remotely logging in for training and support) are all included free for the life of your continued 420SOFT use.

On-site visits are subject to $70.00 per hour and a trip-fee may be applicable based on your location.
The information you are providing is not shared with anyone except the Software Developer, in order to create your login account.

We never spam prospective clients, and NEVER share or sell your data to ANYONE.

We respect your privacy. Pleave visit our
Privacy Policy page for complete details.
Or simply Email the information requested above to:
PLEASE NOTE: Payments go directly to the Software Developer. A liberal grace period of one month is given. During this time a reminder triangle appears on your browser. If after one month they payment is still not received, account becomes subject to deletion. There is no way to retreive your account once deleted.

On the 1st of the following month if no payment has been received and the triangle reminder Icon rmoved, you will not be able to Login. Instead you'll be directed to a page that can accept credit card payments and this will automically restore access. A $30.00 fee is added to your regular monthly subscription amount in this case.

From the Director Login, go to the 420SOFT Settings tab and make sure your Email address is correct in order to receive billing statements monthly.
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