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Can I see my inventory levels?
You can see your inventory levels at any given point of time from anywhere. You can track all of your inventory purchases, inventory on consignment and installment payments paid to vendors.

Can I set quantity discounts?
You can set a discount price for any denomination you like, not just for 1/8 OZ, 1/4 OZ, 1/2 OZ and 1 OZ. You can also set a flat price for a weight range. E.g. $50 for any weight between 3.5 Gr and 3.7 Gr.

Can I accept credit cards?
You can use 420soft interface to charge credit cards. All you need is credit card merchant account connected to

Can I manage employees?
420soft allows you to create username for all of your employees and assign different level of access for each of them. Also, you can create schedule for employees so they won't be able to login outside the scheduled hours.

Is it possible to do a split?
420soft lets you split 1/8 OZ, 1/4 OZ, 1/2 OZ and 1 OZ not just in 2, but in any number of parts.

Promotions and discounts?
There many different types discounts and promotions on different levels which can be applied. Also transaction total can be adjusted with manager permission if necessary.

And what about reporting?
420soft provides many reports which allow to keep track of every activity in your business.

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Back in operation, in minutes!
Are you are putting yourself at risk of losing everything? Fires, floods, power surges, break-ins and similar disasters can all mean losing your vital data, most likely forever. If you have your patient, inventory, and doctors data stored on a server on premsises, you are putting others and self at risk.

A sad reality that must be considered.
Dispensaries have been victim of robery. And Law Enforcement raids can occur. Either way you could loose your files, your computer and all it's records. You may eventually get them back but wouldn't you rather avoid the disruption altogether?

Nothing to buy, pay nothing upfront.
We continually earn your business. There are no term contracts and you may simply stop at any time. Since the solution is hosted on our Secure Socket Layer servers there is no expensive hardware requirements. If you have an Internet connection and Internet Explorer you have everything you need for patient management, inventory management, Doctor and referral, specials, pricing, and much more!
Patient & Physician information data entry.
Fast returning Patient Rec status check.
Integrated Scale with adjustable tollerance.
Print Barcode labels for jars, edibles, etc.,
Use existing UPC codes on ighters, etc.,
Information is stored on Secure Hosted Server.
Disaster solution for continuity of business.
No need to download and install software.
Patient Wish-list item in notification.
Patient referral and points system.
Patient data entry via ID Card Swipe Reader.
POS Checkout Touchscreen compatible.
Adhesive labels for plastic containers.
Inventory entry and status monitoring.
Inventory balance real-time tracking.
Transaction amount adjustment capability.
Inventory balance adjustment capability.
Automatic volume discounts scale setup.
Employees have different levels of access.
Interactive exportable reports & graphs.
Cash and percentage promotions setup.
Notify Member via email & SMS mobile.
Automatically generates barcodes.
POS shopping cart simple Touchscreen.
Patient Queue places them in Checkout tab.
Multiple Patient Groups you create.
Multiple logins included, no additional fee.
Manage Suppliers and Consignments
Secure Access Anywhere there's Internet.
Patient Management & Paperless Option.
Inventory Management to hundredth gram!
POS Payment type tracking and reporting.
Specials and Promotions you create.
ONLINE Store and Delivery module free!
Cell Text / Email Notification included.
Grow Management Module seed-to-sale.
Extensive Reporting Options
Display Real-Time Menu and much more ...

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