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*$70.00 hourly rate applies to projects beyond the scope of work including but not limited to diagnosing or configuring customer owned equipment, assisting with any account data entry, projects which require an on-site visit beyond one hour when installing and setting up equipment procured through us.

On-site visits without purchased equipment delivery subject to hourly rate, and subject to a trip fee when applicable. Save Money! Have your Windows Updates performed and take advantage of our Remote Assistance rate of just $35.00 per hour paid in advance at $70.00 for 2 hrs.

Equipment you procure through carries the standard manufacturer warranty and is the end users responsibility to follow manufacturer's protocol for any warranty work. offers 30 days support included free on all equipment procured on your behalf.

Please allow 5-7 Business Days after your payment clears for us to receive your equipment for configuration. Then we can arrange delivery to your site thereafter. Rush orders extra, call for quote.

Call 213-435-7794 for Remote Demonstration, Training, or Service as needed.
WE ASK THAT YOU REVIEW OUR Terms Of Service (TOS) and Limits to Scope Of Work (SOW) before placing an oder. Any exchange of money for our services constitutes your having read, understood, and agreed to these Terms of Service.

Thank you.

Chris  213-357-1619
Q Where are you located?
A We're headquartered in Southern California, serving ALL Medical Marijuana states. And now Legal Recreational Use states, and glass shops & specialty stores.

Q Is my information ever shared?
A NO. Strict confidentiality enforced.

Q What is
A Solutions Design Consultant. We procure new equipment and do the setup, or help integrate new hardware with your existing PC. We also provide 420SOFT training and support.

Q Certifications and Credentials?
A YES. Available upon request.

Q What is your experience in MMJ?
A Patient, SB 420 Class, Budtender Course, hundreds of satisfied Directors and Owners.

Q Do you take checks?
A YES. Call first for details & allow 7 days to clear. No rush orders via check.

Q What payment options accepted?
A Cash, Cashiers Check. Visa, and Mastercard though PayPal. However, add 2.9% merchant services fee to total

Q Do you have inventory in stock?
A NO. We procure your order with your funds.

Q Do you offer FREE Consultations?
A YES. Call 213-435-7794 today.

Q Are there any term contracts?
A NO. you may cancel anytime.

Q Is there a trial period?
A YES. You may try it FREE 1 mo.

Q Must I buy additional equpment?
A NO. Nothing else to buy*

Q Are there add'l seat license fees?
A NO. Multiple logins provided free.

Q Can I use it remotely?
A YES. Login in from anywhere.*

Q Can I restrict access?
A YES. Using the managers code.

Q Are sensitive data stored locally?
A NO. Solution is hosted off-site.

Q Work with ID/Barcode readers?
A YES. We offer 420SOFT certified.

Q Can I manage inventory?
A YES. & Price, Discounts, Reports.

Q Does the POS calculate disounts?
A YES. Enter your volume points.

Q Do I receive support?
A YES. First hour FREE to help with staff training and initial kick-off. *$70.00 hourly thereafter should you require an on-site visit. 3 more hours FREE Virtual (Remote) Support included, and email, phone, text support continues FREE for life of subscription to 420soft.

Q Do I have to pay any Sales Tax?
A NO. Any Tax is paid by MarijuanTech.

Q Is equipment guaranteed against DOA
A YES. Defective items exchanged.

Q Is there a money-back guarantee?
A *YES. 7 days, subject to 20% restocking fee.
Must have original packaging and in as-new resell condition.
Otherwise, condition adjustment applied.
*Does not apply to PC's & Scales, No Refunds.

Q Are your items always brand new?
A YES. Unless otherwise requested, or suppliers only have
Recertified or Open Box.

Q Can I use my own hardware with 420SOFT?
A YES. If you can access Internet with Browser.

Q Do you offer delivery and set-up?
A In most cases. *May be subject to trip-fee.

Q Are sensitive docs/data stored locally?
A NO. Suggested solution is hosted off-site.

Q Can I run regular Windows applications?
A YES. POS unit is self contained Windows PC.

Q Does the Touch-Screen come with a mouse?
A YES. Mouse PLUS Keyboard

Q Does the Label Printer print in color?
A NO. It's a Thermal printer - no ink required!

Q Do you offer LEGAL FOR TRADE NTEP Digital Scale Integration?
A YES. We specialize in Scale Integration with high quality precision scales
Q I didn't see my question(s)
A Please call, start a chat, or email or text 213-435-7794 seven days a week.

*$70.00 hourly rate applies to projects which require an on-site visit beyond one hour when installing, setting up equipment procured through us. On-site visits without purchased equipment delivery subject to hourly rate, and subject to a trip fee when applicable.

Only certified 420SOFT Compatible Barcode Scanners, Magnetic ID Stripe Swipers, Electronic Cash Drawers, Integrated Scales, or Label Printers provideded by MarijuanaTech offer guaranteed compatibility -

The LARGE Print!
HOWEVER, IF INSTALLED ON CUSTOMER OWNED EQUIPMENT, some Windows Updates, Browser Updates, etc., may be required. Preparing your PC beforehand can save you money. If we do this work you will be charged $70.00 per hour or guarantee does not apply.
* If you have a PC with Internet Access. Microsoft IE8 to IE10 preferred for full functionality, however, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and even mobile devices can access and use 420SOFT with some advanced functionality loss (i.e, automatically print label or kick cash drawer requires ActiveX in IE)
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