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Legal For Trade - What does this mean to you?
California is a non-profit Medical Marijuana state. Therefore, in theory, since you are not selling an item for profit, you are not bound by the Legal For Trade or Legal For Sale requirements - HOWEVER EXCEPTIONS DO APPLY. It is your ultimate responsibility to check with your State and Local Governances beforehand.

Legal For Trade: This generally means that the department of Weights and Mesures will want to confirm your scale calibration and put a sticker on your scale. Not just ANY scale is LFT. It must be NTEP certified. To make matters more confusing, some states, like Minnesota, will not accept certain NTEP certified scales for the MMJ trade. Again, we urge you to do your due diligence on the matter, as MarijuanaTech is simply a TECHNOLOGY and SOFTWARE Consultancy, NOT a BUSINESS Consultant.

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Legal For Sale - What is the difference?
Even though California is a non-profit Medical Marijuana state we have many clients who have selected to play it safe, build for the future, and go with both Legal for Trade NTEP Certified Scales AND add the customer-facing display in order to meet the Legal For Sale requirements as well.

Legal For Sale: This generally means that if something is sold by weight, the customer has a right to see what the scale display is showing the cahier or budtender simultaneously. In order to accomplish this you must first have the correct scale. Not all, in fact very few scales have the required port needed to send the data to a second auxiliary display for the customer to view. View scale in action here.

And if you want your scale to also send the weight directly into your PC in the Software Weight field in order to track your inventory real-time to the hundredth of a gram (0.01) your scale must have had TWO ports installed by the manufacturer in their factory in advance. The ports cannot be added after purchase.

We offer scales that have one port that can be used for EITHER / OR not BOTH simultaneously allowing you to chose if sending the weight to the PC or sending the weight to the auxiliary display fits your business model best.

And we have only one scale that is Legal For Trade, AND Legal For Sale, AND integrates with your PC allowing you to have the best of all worlds. This of course is the most expensive model, but could very well be the best investment in the long run for your business continuity and longevity.  Visit our Scales page for details.

Visit our Tablet page for a customer facing display showing the checkout sub-total.
Click the NTEP Icon above to print the .PDF Certification to show your State the model you wish to use and check for conformity in advance.