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Your Computer

Your PC really must have all the latest Windows Updates performed on it, (Windows 8 is so new this
process goes quick, but older OS's can require much time and a couple reboots) and be running Windows Defender Anti-Virus. But if your PC is running fine you should be good to go.

If you procure equipment through all Windows updates will be performed and AVG will be installed already.

Getting on the Internet
You'll either use an Ethernet cable or WiFi to access the Internet. If you can get Google to pop up you should be good to go.

Your Browser
Although much of 420soft can be utilized with any device that can reach the Internet, regardless of Browser (Safari, Firefox, Netscape, Chrome) there are certain features and functionality that only Microsoft's Internet Explorer (we're on version 9) offer. Automatic Label printing, kicking the Cash Drawer, for example) rely on ActiveX controls. You will have to make some setting adjustments there.

Internet Explorer Browser Setup
First you must confirm you have the latest version, which is more secure and much faster. Go to 420soft. Now in the browser select Tools then Internet Options. Click the Security tab, then the Green Check Mark Icon. Add 420soft to trusted sites. Next, click on the Security Level  "Custom Level" bar. Scroll down to the ActiveX header, and make sure all 11 items are checked  "Enabled". Log out and back in afterwards.

Tool Bars, Add-Ons, Gadgets
Browsers can have a lot of extra junk on them and for the purposes of running your Collective or Dispensary we highly advise you disable them all.  They use system resources and can cause the appearance of issues artificially.

Page Setup
The Label Printer needs to be set to Default Printer
(Click Devices and Printers, find yours, right click it's picture and select "Set as Default Printer". Next, open your Browser and select File, then Page Settup, and set all four margins to 0.1 and all six of the Footers, and Headers, to EMPTY. Click ok.

Label Printer Refill Rolls
You'll want to have a number of Rolls on hand, there are 400 labels per roll. If you run out not every store will have them on the shelves, more and more stores are going to "online only" but recently all the following offer the DK-1201
Best Buy, Frys, Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, and online stores.

The 420soft Demo Login
This is a wonderful learning tool and you can do as many ring-ups and voids and report pulls as you wish without affecting your real numbers. There you can see how an active seasoned account looks and get ideas of how to set up your Promotions, Menu Catagories, Volume Discount Tables, and more. Access 420soft and click the Demo Icon which fills in the Demo user and password, then press Login.

Phone, Text, E-mail, Virtual Support
For as long as you're a paid 420soft subscriber you receive free support. Virtual training and lengthy phone calls may require scheduling in advance but we try to attend to urgent matters ASAP! Call the number shown at the top right in 420soft, we're here to help. On-site visits cost $70.00 per hour and depending on location a small trip-fee may apply. Scope Of Work and Terms of Service agreement here

Some helpful tips to get you started would include pointing out that there are instructions built right into software.  It's best to try a lot out on the Demo before setting your account up.

Is there a User Guide? No but you can use CTRL+F to do a search on this page. In 420soft,
If you roll your mouse over nearly any Icon, check box, etc., for a moment, a sentence or two will pop up explaing it's function.  Plus this Web page should serve you well. FOR CURRENT 420soft SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. NOT TO BE PRINTED, COPIED, REPOSTED, OR DISSEMINATED IN ANY MANOR.

Resize Display
You may find the Icons or text to be smaller than your liking. This can easily be remedied using the CTRL and + (plus) keys simultaneously. Substitute the - (minus) key to make it smaller.

A Login for Each Staff Member
Your main (Director) account login grants access to ALL modules (Tabs). The first one to attend to is the Employee Tab. Here you simply type in, from top left working right, the staff members name, user, pass, and from the drop-down menu select the closest applicable job title (these are not modifiable, but you MAY select which Tabs they'll see when using their login.

Your Patient Database
Your brand new account will need to have a few Patients in record in order to test and learn how to Queue in, and Check Out a Patient. Perhaps, staff
members to start with. With a Directors Login you may click the Patient count and extract an Excel report showing all their data.

Patient Groups
You'll find that it is not possible to save a Patient Record wihout first selecting the Group from the drop-down menu. You may add Group names (i.e., Employees, VIPs, General, Veteran, Disabled, Grower, etc.,) and even assign an automatic discount by Group.

Physicians Drop-Down
Your account stores Physicians Web page, toll-free number, or information pertaining to confirming the recommendation. To make things easy, if the Patients Doctor is not already there, click on the Physicians Tab, type in the first name and two or more characters of last name and click the Icon. This information is provided without guarantee of accuracy, it's simply puliing from 3 years of California Doctors subscribers have added to the list.

Source Drop-Down
Selcting from your list of sources the Patient may have heard about you from, such as Weedtracker, Walk-in, etc., must be selected in order to save the new Patient record. Otherwise a small red Asterisk appears next to the Source field to remind you.

Patient May Opt-In
If they provide you with both their Cell Phone number, AND the carrier, 420soft can send notifications, such as their Wish List strain is in, or Promotional Specials. Also, if you've captured their E-mail address, the system can send your message automatically to an entire Group. Remember to uncheck the SMS or E-mail box if they decide later to Opt-Out.

Recom and Recomm Expires
Still on the Patient Tab, the top center you'll see the Recom Field. This is the recommendation number issued by the Phycisian. Five lines directly below you'll see Recomm Expires and click it to produce a Calendar. Select the Month and Year and Day and save record.

About Drivers License Number (Magnet Stripe)
When you swipe a Drivers License through the Magnetic Stripe Reader their information is propagated into the proper fields for fast and accurate patient intake (or returning Patient Record retrieval).

HOWEVER there is no letter before the numbers as shown on the face of the card. DO NOT enter the letter that is in front of the Drivers License Number when manually entering Patient Drivers License numbers. Otherwise the swiper will create a duplicate record instead of pulling up the existing matching record.
Paperless or Dual Media Office
You may use your scanner to produce a .PDF or JPG/JPEG file (up to a half-megabyte, use 100 DPI or less) and click the Browse button to find the file you created, and upload it into 420soft. JPG is one picture, if you want to make a multi-page document scan into .PDF format.

Starting Inventory a Must
Before you can even test out your account there must be something in inventory.  There is a lot of homework for the subscriber. A Director will often assign the task to a Manager very aware of your price breaks and access to obtain and enter initital starting weights.

Entering Inventory
Click on the Menu tab. Always click the Clear Form Icon (next to SAVE Icon of Blue Disc) to make certain your not typing over the prior entry! Starting from the Top Left field asking for the Name type in the Strain. Enter TCB and CBD's if known or skip. Enter the GRAM prices (retail donation) for that strain, the tab over selecting from the drop-downs and after selecting Flowers right below type in just the Quantity (in Grams) and wholesale paid for entire batch. Then hit save. Enter at least 3 strains to start, each at the same Gram price.

Volume Discount Table
Just click a strain to bring it to the top and look to the far right. Here you would simply type 3.5 to 7 $55 and the save button. Then repeat steps for quarters, half's, i.e., 7 to 14 $100 and 14 to 28 $180 and 28 to 112 $300.

Integrated Precision Scale
Scale Tollerance
(showing some love)
When tracking to the HUNDREDTH of a Gram using an Integrated Scale if it says 3.63 on it's display, one press of the scale button sends the exact weight into 420soft and drops it into the cart! In this case you add a few more entries in the Volume Discount Table example above. These entries will be different in that the Prorate box must be UNchecked, and the weight ranges are your limits. I.e., 1 to 1.2 = $20 (a flat $20 donation even though the patient got MORE than the Gram). 3.5 to 3.9 = $55 and 7 to 7.4 = $100

Copy Table To
You do NOT have to type out this extensive table over and over again, toward the bottom of the table there is a Copy Table To Drop-Down which will show like-priced strains only, click the save Icon direct to the right after each copy.

Inventory Adjustments
Unlike adding a new batch or starting inventory, to adjust (computer states there are 11 grams in stock
but Jar is actually empty) simply scroll down in the Menu body to that strain, type in any other number and hit enter. A reason box pops up for your records.
Until a transaction is completed, a green Icon to Void Batch is available which allows you to re-enter the Quantity and Cost.

Real-Time Menu Display
From the Menu Tab, click on the Icon of the earth. This can send your menu to a Web page or directly from your Internet device to a big screen! You may also print out a copy for your staff.

Sending Text or E-Mail blast
Using sparingly Patients like to be notified of special deals. Select a Promotion from the Promotion Tab, type the message in either the SMS field or the E-Mail area, CLICK SAVE, then select from below the Group and check the box SMS or E-Mail and click the Yellow Envelope Icon to send. (only click once!).

Promotions Tab
Here you can create buttons that will show up on the Check Out tab that can be used for Free Pre-Roll Friday, 5 Gram 1/8th Weekends or anything requiring a cash or percentage off. Again alway staring with the Clear Form Icon, starting from top left working right, fill in the promotion decsiption, button name (just 5 or 6 characters) Drop-Down Percentage and type in 100 for a freebie, or Drop to Cash and put in $10 for Ten off.

Continued Below...
Setting up and Using Promotions Tab

Log in as Director

In order to see the Promotions tab you must use the main Director login or a Volunteer login must have been granted access to the Promotions tab.

A Login for Each Staff Member
Your main (Director) account login grants access to ALL modules (Tabs). The first one to attend to is the Employee Tab. Here you simply type in, from top left working right, the staff members name, user, pass, and from the drop-down menu select the closest applicable job title (these are not modifiable, but you MAY select which Tabs they'll see when using their login. Check the Promotions box if they will require access to the module.

Your Promotions
We'lll start with a couple easy examples, a $5.00 Off and a Free Item. For this example you can use the same promotion is your pre-roll happens to be $5.00 then apply this promotion and drop it in the cart. It will ring up as free.

To do this go to your Promotions Tab. Always clear data before entering a new promotion.

Step 1 Enter data from left to right, description, button name (shows on Checkout tab), select either CASH or PERCENTAGE from drop down menu (for this example use CASH), select expriation date from Calendar Jan 1 2013 and click the Save (blue) Icon.

At this point you've created the promotion but in order to complete the steps it has to be saved first, then we can continue.

Still working on the same $5.00 off promo, we have to "Associate" which products this promotion pertains to. That is done by checking the boxes at the lower left of the Promtions tab screen.

You can check ALL (everything from every catagory), or just a Catagory i.e., Flowers in this example - so check the Flowers box -
But we're not done yet.
Check the POS box
Your promotion has been set up. You may now tick the check box next to POS and click the save button one more time to make it live. It will show up in the Checkout tab now as a button. Activate the button, drop the item in the cart, then deactivate Promo to continue shopping.

Advanced Settings
By roling your mouse over different areas you will see dialog boxes pop up to further expaoine it's functionality. For example, limit this promtion to First Time Patients, Limit the days of the week this promotion is active, require a managers code in order to apply the Promtion.

Patient Groups
A Promotion can also be restricted to one or more Group names (i.e., Employees, VIPs, General, Veteran, Disabled, Grower, etc.,) and even assign an automatic discount by Group.
QuickStart Guide for your new 420SOFT account