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Scale Supplier and Manufacturer delays can and do occur. Please allow extra time for delivery. procures and assists with scale integration as a service. Scales cannot be returned to While supplies last. All above subject to change.

SCALES RECEIVE 30 DAYS SUPPORT from and any manufacturer warranty protocol is yours, the end users responsibility to follow should unit not operate to your satisfaction thereafter. No exceptions.
Before placing an order please review our Payments page. If you haven't already you may also check our FAQ and TOS (terms of service) pages. Thank you. We may be able to integrate your scale! Call with make and model. Cost estimate: $185.00 to $275.00

THE LEGAL-FOR-TRADE Scale is NTEP Certified. It is client's responsibility to investigate compliance as in no way assumes any liability for the fitment for Medical Marijuana in your state. We are only a Technology Consultant able to source the correct scale with PC integration capabilities. In order for a scale to send the weight to the desired field in your software we include the proprietary USB cable module, a keyboard emulation communication software & station license, configuration, testing, aiding with initial calibration and setup. After the 30 days support period scales are considered COE (Customer Owned Equipment) and our usual $70.00 per hour applies if we're to intervene in the 1 year manufacturer warranty process or assistance after 30 days. Scales are not returnable to We procure the equipment upon your order for our consultation package including: Procuring equipment you've selected with your funds on your behalf. Our time, and any shipping to our studio for pre-configuration and / or merchant collected tax is included. We cannot be held liable for fitment for all LEGAL-FOR-TRADE or Legal-for-Sale requirements specific to you.

Here is what our Supplier's policy says: (25% restock fee if returned.) 7 day return policy if unopened. Please note: ultimately, it is your responsibility to know what is required to run your business, and we will not be held responsible for any misunderstandings of those requirements that the state of Minnesota has. Other states have their own requirements. We recommend you check with the Dept of Weights & measures. We can try to find scales that meet their requirements.

Therefore, please understand that it is policy as a result that there are NO RETURNS on Scales under any circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.
Scale package.
(INCLUDES Customer Facing Display)
Dual Port Large Pan Swiss-made 0.01 Precision to 800g. This is our recommended unit for ANY State, both Colorado and Arizona require NTEP Certified scales.  Includes 30 Days Support and One Year Manufacturer warranty.

Check your State for Legal-For-Sale requirements if so choose this solution. Call for Quote - est $1,795.00
While Supplier stock Lasts - Call to Confirm Availability BEFORE placing your order.
Lowest Priced LEGAL-FOR-TRADE Scale. Swiss-made 0.01 Precision to 600g. Removable wind-guard around pan aid in stable readings in breezy conditions. This is our recommended unit for ANY State, Many states like Colorado and Arizona require NTEP Certified scales.  Includes 30 Days Support and One Year Manufacturer warranty.

Check your State for Legal-For-Sale requirements and see below if so.
Not acceptable in Minnesota per supplier.
Best Value Scale  with 0.01 Precision. THIS model is German Engineered, includes ADVANCED settings to help compensate for unfavorable environments (i.e., drafts or counter movements) while supplier stock lasts. Includes 30 Days Support 

Good for NON-Profit Medical Marijuana States. NOT for Colorado or Arizona see below
$685 to 412g - $745 for 612g
Budget Scale  With optional customer facing Auxiliary Display. NOTE: There is only one port -either for use with Aux Display OR to connect to your PC to send weight
(cannot do both simultaneously)

Good for NON-Profit Medical Marijuana States. 0.01 to 400g
Our usual 30 Day Support is included plus the standard One year manufacturer warranty. 

For Non-Profit states only. California OK
Sorry, Manufacturer Discontinued.
Supplier Sold Out    WE HAVE ONLY        ONE LEFT  -  CALL TODAY

All prices above INCLUDE our services to procure the equipment, pay any merchant collected taxes and shipping and handling, purchase the required specialty cable necessary to be able to send the weight into your Windows-based PC, the required Drivers, and the required Communicationcation Software which allows the scale to transmit the weight over the cable to your PC, and the Configuration & Licensing (1 PC) of said Software, Testing and Training on how to use the equipment. You are not simply buying a scale when you choose - you get our assistance, and the necessary ADDITIONAL Hardware/Software required in order to INTEGRATE the scale with your PC.
Fastest Return on Investment:
Track Inventory to the Hundredth of a gram! Integrate a digital scale. Account for that mystery shrinkage finally. Press the Scale button and the weight displayed goes directly into the weight field on your PC! Price includes Scale, USB Cable, and Communication Software to send the weight!
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IF YOU CAN BUY this scale, Sartorius AY612, elsewhere, we can help integrate it with your Windows PC - includes our remote configuration, 30 days support & communication software to send weight to PC for $180.00 (plus USB Cable $80.00)
Precision Scale manufactured in the UK. Weighs down to ONE HUNDREDTH OF A GRAM 0.01 Precision to 600g. Internal ShockProtect® helps prevent damage from overloads, while the HandiCal® offers easy calibration without using external weights. 4 1/2" round pan size. Capacity tracker indicates used and remaining capacity

This is our recommended unit for ANY Non-Profit State. Back-lit display.  Includes 30 Days Support and One Year Manufacturer warranty,

For Non-Profit states only. California OK.

"Legal-for-Trade" balances typically cost more than "Not Legal for Trade" since extensive testing is required to achieve a Certificate of Conformance.  The stringent testing requirements are usually only achieved in high quality balances incorporating the use high quality electronic components and superior engineering.

Additionally, some state also require "Legal-For-Sale" conformity, meaning that a customer-facging display is mandatory, so the operator AND the buyer can simultaneously see the weight of what they are buying.
In weights and measures terminology a direct sale is one where both the buyer and seller are present.  NIST Handbook 44 requires the customer to be able to witness the transaction and transaction information form a reasonable position in a direct sale application.

Please investigate your states requirements before placing your order. We offer TECHNOLOGY BASED consulting only, we do NOT know what the specific requirements of each state, this is the buyers responsibility alone. You can click the NTEP Icon above to see the NTEP Certifications and show them to your state to confirm suitability.

A great source of valuable information can be found at the National Institute of Standards & Technology Office of Weights and Measure.  You can also search NIST's web site and download the Certificate of Conformance here.  We also recommend you contact your State, Local, or Federal weights and measures official for more detailed information.