HOME provides Medical Marijuana Dispensary & Collectives with 420SOFT, the complete Dispensary Management Software Solution, Support and Training, Point Of Sale Hardware, Configuration, Setup, and Assistance with COE (Customer Owned Equipment) as well.  Choose from  our a-la-carte list of Hardware, or select the Bundle right for you. Expand as you grow, at your own pace. We'll help you get the MMJ Dispensary POS System for your needs.

We specialize in providing Budtender Stations, Patient Intake Stations, Touchscreen Windows 8 PC's, Integrated Precision Scales which track inventory to the hundredth of a gram (0.01g), ID Swipers (Magnetic Stripe Readers), Barcode Scanners, Label Printers to print Barcodes, warning labels, medicine container (Dram) labels, Receipt Printers (including wireless or WiFi), Electronic Cash Drawers, and more. Marijuana Scales come in LEGAL-FOR-TRADE or NTEP Certified models for Colorado, Nevada etc., and Scales with advanced features to compensate for unstable environments which others do not.

Additionally, we provide refersher course assistance or training new staff and management on how to fully utilize your MMJ Management Solution to it's fullest potential! We can remotely connect to your PC and provide our services as if we were physically there. And, depedning on location, we can do on-site visits at your place as well in order to do group training or hands on hardware or equipment work as needed. A trip-fee may be appicable if over 50 miles from North Hollywood, California. Call for a quote.

Making the MOST of your current investment. We will help configure COE you already have in place until you are ready to have us procure new Equipment and Hardware. And all this is billed at just $70.00 per hour.

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One of our specialties is Scale Integration. Tracking inventory to the Hundredth of a gram helps reduce or eliminate mystery shrinkage. If you have a Windows-based PC and are not yet ready to have us procure a full Hardware Bundle at this time, consider a Scale, complete with the required cable, communication softwareand license, and we do the configuration so that when you press the button on the scale, it sends the weight directly to your PC, and into the weight field in the Software!

And of course we offer 420SOFT support and new account activation with the first month FREE! No cost or obligation, it's the most powerful MMJ Management Solution since 2009 with hundreds of happy clients.  We hope you will soon become one as well. Activate your account with us and we become your on-call support tech.