420SOFT, the complete MMJ Dispensary Management Software Solution, is designed to work with Windows based PC's as well as Android Devices, iPads, iPhones, and Mac PC's. Some Point Of Sale Hardware, may not be compatible, however, such as Integrated Scales requires Windows because there are no drivers known to us that work with other Operating Systems (OS's) at this time.  Choose from  our a-la-carte list of Hardware,
or select the Bundle right for you. 

We'll help you get the MMJ Dispensary POS System for your needs.

Equipment (Windows based)
Android, iPad tablet or Mac
Digital Scale Integration
Customer Facing Display
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The Label Printer and Receipt Printer
we recommend ARE compatible with both Windows AND Mac OS's. And if the printer is added to your network as a Network Printer, you should also be able to access them from any device that is capable of printing, allowing you to operate a tablet that is not even connected by wire which would print the receipt and subsequently kick the cash drawer!

For Legal For Sale requirements that the customer have a view of the sub-total, we provide a 7" Android screen that attaches to the rear of the Budtenders screen.

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